Admissions Enhancement 

Enrich your application with an outstanding musical strength!

The 21st Century seeks versatile talents, and we believe that learning music makes you just that - the power of music equips you with an open mind, sharp intelligence, and unique personal charm. No matter what you choose for your future, a solid musical strength can knock open many doors for you, if you simply show your commitment and passion in music through your accomplishments. WE-music would love to connect you online with global top musicians and educators, who are excited to teach you and help you shine your musical achievements for your next big opportunity in life!

Non-Major Enrichment Plan

This plan is designed for applicants to high schools, undergraduate degrees for liberal arts education, using music as a strength in their candidacy.

Music Major Admissions

Apply to conservatories for a professional career in music. This plan is designed for applicants to pre-college, undergraduate, graduate degrees for professional musical pursuits.


  • Private Online Lessons

 Live-stream lessons with doctorate degree holder and faculty from   top conservatories in the U.S. and Europe improve holistically as a musician

  • Resume Boosting

         Resources to apply for festivals, competitions. Plan a solo 

         concert and participation in social impact activities

  • Repertoire Preparation

         Thoroughly prepare selected music for contest, performance, and

         video-making as supplementary materials for admissions

  • Music Video Making

         Connection to recording studios in your local area, post-

         shooting video editing for professional quality all with weekly

         support from your WeMusic advisor

  • Music-Related Statements Support

         Feedback resume draft, and coaching your personal essay writing

         from scratch to finish

 Our Teaching Artists for this program hold either Doctorate or Masters degrees from top conservatories with extensive teaching experience.


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