Group Instruction

Music Inspiration Series

Our Music Inspiration Series offers virtual group instruction for both instrumental and vocal performance, as well as music literacy development. This series is a superb entry to music learning and an enriching supplement to one’s private instruction.

In our virtual classroom, we incorporate our core values of music education by ensuring that students develop collaboration, communication, creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills in an ensemble setting. Students will learn the intricacies by listening to each other as peers and practicing together as a collaborative ensemble.


At the end of each course, we offer a virtual performance opportunity as we believe the best way for students to gain musical proficiency is through performance-based music education.

These lessons are ideal for aspiring musicians or anyone looking for a creative, exciting musical challenge. 


After the completion of their first course, students have the option to study with WeMusic teaching artists privately through the Rising Artist Program or continue on with group instruction at a more advanced level.

How does our Music Inspiration Series Work?

5 Lesson Course

• Online Platform: Zoom (password protected)

• Flipped Classroom Model

- 10-15 min instructional video will be sent out to students weekly that focus on technical skills, allowing students to learn independently, at their own pace

- Students work on application of skills, peer collaboration and feedback with instructor IN class

• Each course ends with a Virtual Ensemble Performance that students will collaborate on, record and receive as a final showcase project to share with family and friends


Keys to progress and innovation
Breaking Free through Song
Bring Broadway to Your Bedroom
Your Bridge Between Classical and Today's Music









 Musical Theatre Series 
 Bringing Broadway to Your Bedroom 

Instructor: Blake Brauer

Price: $120

Schedule : Once a week lesson for 5 weeks.

  • Section 1 : June 15- July 13
    Every Tuesday 1pm- 2pm
    Every Thursday 2pm- 3pm

  • Section 2 : July 20- Aug 17
    Every Tuesday 1pm-2pm
    Every Thursday 2pm-3pm

  • Session 3

Discover and develop the strengths of your voice through Music Theatre classes with Blake Brauer. These courses provides students an environment that will allow them to freely explore their internal landscape and challenge them to think creatively about healthy ways to express themselves. Classes released over the summer will develop budding musical theatre enthusiasts in 3 stages. Session 1 will focus on basic vocal technique and building physical awareness through breath as you learn a piece from MT literature.  Craft stronger storytelling skills and learn about character development through song in Session 2.  Complete the series with Session 3 where you will work on synthesizing the skills you've developed in earlier classes and bring attention to creative expression and the power of performance.

 Voice Instruction Series 
Breaking Free through Song

Instructor: Kyla Gabka
Start Date: June 15

  • Wednesday 11am-1pm EST ( Section 1)

  • Friday 12pm-1pm EST (Section 2)

In this course, you will learn how to use your voice to express yourself through music. You will start to learn the difference between singing solo parts and ensemble parts within a song. You will be taught how to approach a piece of music to effectively tell a story within the song through techniques and exercises. Throughout the course, we will be working together to culminate a music video for the finale of our program. Students will learn how to create a music video as an ensemble by creating a theme and concept for the music video, recording their own vocal parts, and submitting a video of them performing the song.

Skills Enhanced:

Critical thinking, Ensemble Singing, Solo Singing, Musical Collaboration, Aural Listening

 Strings Series 
Playing Beyond Classical: Using Your Classical Training to Play Pop

Instructor: Lydia Sewell
Start Date: June 1
Thursdays: 4pm-5pm EST

In this course, you will learn how to transfer your classical training to popular music. Beginning by analyzing and surveying the historical differences between popular and classical music, we will explore different practice strategies, evaluate the role of violin as a tool for melody and harmony, and investigate how we can use the medium of video to become our own "one man band." The course will culminate in a capstone virtual performance in which all students will record, dub over and submit a video of them playing a popular piece of music.  

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